Marcella Chelli-Nuzzo MRCVS

Marcella Chelli-Nuzzo

We are delighted to welcome Marcella our new full time vet.

Marcella Chelli-Nuzzo qualified in 2008 and joined our team in early December 2016. She is a very experienced and extremely compassionate veterinary surgeon.

After graduating in Italy and a few adventures in the jungle studying bats, she has moved to London to pursue her Veterinary career. Marcella loves all aspects of small animal veterinary work and has a special focus on emergency and soft tissue surgery. She is also keen on alternative medicine.

Some of her other interests are books, films, climbing things, baking, and her little fluffy dog Brillo, a rescue from a previous practice; he was going to a shelter but she brought him home "for one night" and he is still there, and he doesn't let her out of his sight! He is named Brillo as he is wiry like a brillo pad. She has 3 other dogs back home in Rome living with her family,as well as 3 cats.

She looks forward to meeting you all !