Consulting rooms

We have two consulting rooms which are quiet places where you can privately discuss any  worries or concerns you may have about your pets health and  well being with the veterinary surgeon.

Please do raise any issues, no matter how delicate you may feel they are. Having had many animals of our own, we are able to identify with your concerns and can be sympathetic to your needs.

The consulting rooms are equipped with basic diagnostic instruments and medicines for routine examinations. The practice management computer network is connected to all areas so that case records are available to the veterinary surgeon at all times. The system also enables us to send reminders for the annual health check and booster vaccinations together with all financial and invoicing details. There is a viewing screen so that X-rays can be shown to clients and problems explained. A refrigerator keeps vaccines and medicines at the correct temperature.

When problems arise that need in depth investigation it may be necessary to admit the patient for Blood tests, X-Ray, Ultra Sound Scan, ECG or other diagnostic procedures. All these facilities are available on site and our blood analysis equipment provides rapid results for tests like kidney and liver functions, so we can quickly assess the condition.