Has your dog been tested for Glaucoma?

Katy Horton examines a dog's eyes

Glaucoma is a serious group of diseases that increases pressure within the eyeball. If you can imagine the eye is like a football filled with water and then the pressure inside the ball starts to increase, you can see why is it such a painful and damaging condition. The eye contains delicate structures like the retina and the lens and if pressure around these increases it can cause blindness.

Some breeds of dog can develop primary glaucoma, for example, Labrador and Flat Coat Retrievers, English and American Cocker spaniels and also English and Welsh Springer Spaniels. It is however possible for any dog to develop glaucoma.

The practice uses a tonometer, which is a specialised piece of equipment, which quickly and easily measures the pressure inside the eye. Katy Horton BvetMed MRCVS, who is currently completing an ophthalmology course, would be happy to check your dog’s eyes. Please call for an appointment.