Has Your Pet Got a Broken Heart!

Simon Kent examines a dog's heart

Heart disease can affect our pets just as it does for in humans. Early detection of the disease and suitable treatment may well reduce symptoms of disease and prolong life.

Puppies and kittens can be born with congenital defects, which will impact on their lives. Older animals can develop heart disease over the years.

Signs to look out for in dogs are panting excessively when exercised, coughing and restlessness at night.

Cats are trickier often showing nothing more than reduced activity, (and lets face it, this can be almost impossible to spot).

Simon Kent BVSc CertVC MRCVS has a certificate in Veterinary Cardiology, and accepts referrals from other local practices for their more complex cardiac cases.

We have recently purchased an ultrasound machine with colour flow doppler which will greatly enhance our diagnostic capability. This will be able to measure blood flow in various parts of the heart. This will be used along side our x-ray and electrocardiography facilities to aid our clinical assessment of our patients.

If you would like Simon to check your animal’s heart, please call to make an appointment.