Katy Horton - BVet Med LFHom MRCVS

Katy Horton

Katy is one of the partners and has been with the practice since 1996 and is very popular and well known to our clients. She is a committed and sympathetic veterinary surgeon who always has her patient’s best interests as her main concern.

Katy qualified at the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1994. She concentrates on small animal care and her veterinary path has taken her to America and Kenya, where she worked with the KSPCA. Now settled back in Barnes, she has a keen interest in small animal medicine. She completed an ophthalmology postgraduate course and achieved her GPCert (Ophthal) from ESVPS. She also completed the HPTG course in homeopathy at Oxford, and gained her LFHom.

One of the things very close to Katy’s heart is TOLFA (Tree of Life for Animals), the small but wonderfully effective grass roots charity in India that the practice supports. TOLFA have saved countless animals from disease and suffering and Katy has completed several fund-raising events to support them.

Katy Horton examines a dog's eyes

The picture shows Katy checking for glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a serious group of diseases that cause increased pressure within the eyeball. If you can imagine the eye is like a fixed sized ball filled with fluid and then the pressure inside the ball starts to increase, you can imagine the damage to the delicate structures like the retina and the lens inside. It can cause blindness.

Please do not hesitate to contact Katy if you have any concerns about your pet.