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Lucy Tyrrell is a Galen Myotherapist working in SW London and Surrey. Pawsitive touch She treats dogs under veterinary referral who are suffering from chronic muscular issues and pain. She is also qualified in exercise physiology and is passionate about helping our dogs to stay happy and healthy by ensuring type and amount of exercise is appropriate for optimal joint and muscle health. She lives locally and can be often found in Richmond Park with her westies.

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Insta: @pawsitivemyotherapy

Twitter: @pawsitivemyo

Deadly tick borne disease Babesia Canis reported in Essex

You may have heard on various news programmes there have been reports of four dogs in Essex with confirmed cases of Babesiosis.

This is a disease carried by ticks found in mainland Europe. These are the first recorded cases of the disease occuring in dogs that have not left this country meaning that the tick that carries the disease is now living in the UK. This is a nasty disease which causes the red blood cells to be destroyed and leads to anaemia, fever and listlessness. Untreated animals may die. Treatment is possible with a drug that has to be imported from outside the UK and is effective if started early enough.

Obviously this is causing much concern to dog owners. While we have to keep in mind this is only 4 cases from a different county it is likely that this tick will spread over Southern England. Our immediate advice is to emphasise that it is even more important that dogs are given monthly tick protection. If you are in any doubt as to whether your dog is adequately protected then call us or pop in so we can advise you.

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We now offer laparoscopic or 'keyhole' speys for a quick and comfortable recovery.......

laparoscopic (keyhole) spey


This is a less invasive proceedure than the traditional 'open' surgery and provides quicker recovery with less painful wounds. It gives us the opportunity to offer laparoscopic surgery which is great for our patients.

Our major extension and refurbishment is now complete

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We are delighted with the result which has very significantly improved the facilities we offer. We have added a completely new Dental Suite and totally upgraded our Theatre and Treatment areas at the same time as adding Digital X-ray and new Laboratory and Pharmacy areas. Our Dog and Cat wards have new stainless steel compartments to provide the upmost cleanliness and comfort for your pet's care.

Vets On White Hart Lane Makes the Grade

We are delighted to tell you all that we have been awarded a Tier 2 Standard Small Animal Practice by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Tier 2 is the highest award available for a small animal practice like ours. The inspector was very complementary and we are thrilled to have received our certificate and plaque.

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An unusual patient calls in


"Your Pet Got a Broken Heart"

Simon Kent BVSc CertVC MRCVS has a certificate in Veterinary Cardiology, and accepts referrals from other local practices for their more complex cardiac cases. Check the 'Heart disease' link on the left.

If you have information about  pets lost or found please contact the surgery directly on: (020) 8878 0552


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