Operating theatre

The operating theatre is where major sterile surgical procedures are carried out. A totally clean environment is essential and the room has just one entrance so that only personnel involved in the procedure may enter. The room is completely tiled  so that  thorough disinfection can be regularly carried out.

The theatre is equipped with:

Fully adjustable stainless steel operating table which can be properly disinfected to maintain the sterile environment.
Powerful operating lamp to give excellent vision of the operating field.
Modern anaesthetic machine and circuit using Isoflurane for rapid recovery with minimal after effect.
Autoclave steriliser for rapid and complete preparation of instruments.
Surgeons scrub sink for thorough antiseptic hand washing prior to using sterilised gloves for the operation.
Anaesthetic monitoring equipment to closely watch the patient throughout the procedure.

Veterinary nurses have thorough formal training in all anaesthetic techniques and monitoring to help make these procedures as safe as possible.

The patient will be first anaesthetised with an intravenous agent in the preparation room. This will allow a very rapid recovery so that most patients will be able to return home the same day. The surgical site is clipped and thoroughly disinfected prior to being covered with sterile drapes for the operation.