Supply of Prescription Medicines

This practice stocks most veterinary medicines that you may need and in particular those that our veterinary surgeons may prescribe for your pet. We have the expertise to advise you on the safe use and handling of each product. We have ensured that the product has been stored in the appropriate condition to maintain efficacy. We will advise you about any potential adverse reaction that may result from the use of the product and how to store it correctly.

Alternatively, you may if you wish, ask the veterinary surgeon to write a prescription so that you can acquire the products elsewhere, but that could result in your pet having to wait before treatment can commence, due to the lack of immediate availability of the drug elsewhere. Please ask the veterinary surgeon whether this delayed start in treatment could have an adverse affect on your pet.

This practice can also dispense prescriptions that have been issued by other Vets.

If repeat medicines are needed it may be necessary for the veterinary surgeon to first check the progress of the condition and if medicines are used over a prolonged time then blood tests may be needed to ensure the condition is properly controlled and that no side effects are found.

Please telephone first to order supplies or medicines so that they can be made ready for collection.  There are strict controls governing the dispensing of  Prescription Medicines.

The permission of a veterinary surgeon is always required before medicines can be dispensed. Please make sure to request these before collection as otherwise it may not be possible for the nurses to supply them. Prescription medicines can only be made available for animals registered and under the care of the practice.