Life stage diets

A well balanced diet is probably one of the most important aspects of healthy normal growth in puppies and kittens. Incorrect diet can be responsible for growth deformities, chronic diarrhoea, poor condition and obesity.

VetEssentials diets provide the perfect balance of nutrition needed at all life stages and are to be strongly recommended.

Growth, maintenance and senior diets are available along with others for more particular needs. Older pets will benefit greatly from diets formulated to their changing requirements. We even have a food that combats senility changes!

We recommend VetEssentials for your pet's particular nutritional needs. There is a 100% money-back offer from Hills in the unlikely event that Fluffy or Felix do not like their new food.

Hills VetEssentials Diets

Prescription Diets are of great benefit in the management  of a wide range of disease conditions and for recovery from illness or surgery. Specially formulated diets are also available for weight reduction programs and are used to great effect in the "weight watcher" clinics run by our trained nurses.