Rozane Barlow VN - Veterinary Nurse

Rozane Barlow VN


I joined the amazing team at VWHL in April 2017, soon after moving to London from sunny South Africa!

I have been working as a VN since 2009, and absolutely love my job! Working with, and taking care of, animals is something I wanted to do from a very young age, and I feel it's a privilege that it is now my profession!

I enjoy the outdoors, exploring new places, and am very excited to see what the UK and surrounds has to offer!

Genna Carter VN - Veterinary Nurse

Genna Carter VN


I have been nursing since 2005 but became a qualified nurse in 2011.

I have always wanted to be a veterinary nurse since I was little so I am doing what I love. Of course I love all animals but cats are my favourite. I have 3 cats who are sisters. They were brought in to a previous clinic when they were about 10 days old, as a member of the public found them in his garden. I took them on to hand rear and just couldn't let them go.

I joined the team in February 2017 and I am really enjoying it here. It is honestly the best practice I have ever worked in.

Nadine Gaylor - Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Nadine Gaylor


I joined the team at White Hart Lane in 2013 after a nursing career of over 10 years. I am a very experienced vet nurse assistant and I love my job dearly and am so excited and happy to be part of the team here.

I'm passionate about client and patient care. I really enjoy getting to know animals as individuals within the practice and being part of group vets and nurses who know their patients so well, allows me to do this.

I work three days a week as I have my gorgeous son and dog Toddy who keep me busy the rest of the time.

Rebecca Mayo VN - Veterinary Nurse

Rebecca Mayo VN


I have always been interested in animals of all shapes and sizes! My career began when I completed a National Certificate in animal care at college in Berkshire in 2002, and after a year left with a distinction. I then started to train as a veterinary nurse. I have been nursing for 6 years and have also had the experience of being a head nurse.

My interests include hand rearing all types of wildlife, including a cheeky crow named 'Jet'! and surgical and medical nursing care. In my spare time I enjoy general fitness activities, painting and dancing. I have one dog called Bazil, six goldfish and a weather loach.

Nikki Williams - Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Nikki Williams


My name is Nikki and I started working for Vets on White Hart Lane as a Locum nursing assistant in 2009. What started as a 3 week holiday cover concluded as a place on the permanent team. I love the ethos of the practice, the animals always come first and so once I started here I could not leave!

I really enjoy holding nursing clinics, especially dentistry and weight management clinics. I also have a keen interest in emergency medicine and exotics.

Over the years I have rescued and rehomed a variety of weird and wonderful pets. These include, rats, hamsters, a Leopard Gecko and a cornsnake. My current pets include a domestic short haired cat called Pica and a white-banded Californian kingsnake called Hershey.

Marion Williamson - Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Marion Williamson


Marion joined the practice in July 2000 and is well known and highly regarded by many clients. She is an experienced veterinary nursing assistant and has contributed a great deal from her long association with veterinary practice.

She has a lovely Hungarian Vizsla, India, who many of you may have met on your local walks. She also has a sweet heart of a cat called Frieda (nicknamed Freaky Frieda, as she is easily startled!). Marion is a greatly valued member of our team with an encyclopedic knowledge of most of the animals registered at our practice!

Marion enjoys meeting the clients and will be glad to help you with any enquiries. She is sometimes also able to arrange dog and cat sitting and feeding. Please feel free to ask her about this. We usually also have contacts for a number of services of this sort on our notice board.

New arrivals can have fun and games, along with learning those very important social skills at our Puppy Parties, which are organised and run by Marion. This is a four-week course for puppies under 18 weeks of age giving puppies and their owners a good grounding. Call us for more details.

Please look at the Notice Board in the reception area for other useful information which we keep posted there.