Slimmers Clinic

Is your pet carrying a few extra kg of weight? Now is the time to sort things out, as we all know the problems this can cause as time goes on. The 'Slimmers Clinic' is run by our nurses. Why not join our 'Slimmers Clinic' and get expert help to get the diet correct and improve the health of your pet.

Previously we managed to get two pets through to the Hills regional finals and we will hear their stories. This is the time to think about taking the plunge. Remember you will not only be helping to maximise the health of your pet but there are added incentives. Progressing to a regional final will get you 2 months free food and a goody bag. Winning the regional final will give you 4 months free food and a £250 holiday voucher. The winner of the national finals will win £2000 of holiday vouchers, £500 pet accessories and a year of free pet food.

Charlie Cox ( a fulsome feline ) came to the clinic weighing 5.4kg. This is his story:

Charlie is a very handsome boy. When he came to see us last year, the only thing that spoilt his good looks was his tubby tummy. This was a result of many years lazing around in the garden and eating whatever took his fancy (including naughty treats like cheese, yoghurt, tuna and even chocolate). In his younger days, he had always prided himself on his svelte tiger like appearance and with this in mind, he decided that it was time to take some action and try to shed some excess pounds.

With the help of his mum and the nurse, a diet and exercise plan was devised which replaced his current eating plan with some new yummy biscuits. Slowly and surely his weight loss gained momentum and each month when he popped into the surgery to be weighed and measured by the nurse, both Charlie and his mum found her enthusiasm very encouraging.

It wasn’t too long before Charlie felt much more like his old self again. He remembered how much he enjoyed playing with his toys and chasing those pesky butterflies around in the garden. He also felt much more inclined and able to groom his beautiful coat again and before he knew it, the family and neighbours were all commenting on how his good looks had returned to their former glory. Charlie has worked very hard to reach his target weight and his mum and the nurse are both proud of his success.

Ben Schlummer ( a heavy hound ) was helped to achieve significant weight loss and managed to get to the regional finals. Here is the nurse's account of Ben's successful outcome:

Ben was a whopping 32.5kg and only 7 months old. Devising a weight loss plan for him presented us with two potential problems. Firstly (most obviously) he was only 7 months of age which meant that as a young growing dog his nutritional requirements were a little more complex than most. Secondly his owner stressed that he had always suffered from a very sensitive tummy. She explained to me the difficulties that she had previously experienced when changing his diet from anything other than boiled chicken and rice cooked at home. At this point I decided to consult the Hills technical help line. I explained that I wished to put Ben onto Hills R/D but was worried that it may not be suitable considering his age and sensitive tummy.

It was suggested that R/D was tried and we supplemented his meals daily with dicalcium phosphate powder. There was also reassurance that if we gradually introduced R/D it shouldn’t upset his tummy. This was achieved with the owners agreement over a two week period.

Six months later, at just over a year, Ben looks absolutely fantastic. His owner has worked really hard and stuck rigidly to his diet plan, which has regularly needed reviewing and sometimes adjusting to accommodate his ever changing nutritional requirements as a growing dog. Since joining the slimmers clinic he has visited me at the clinic at least once monthly to be weighed and measured and he thoroughly enjoys coming to see us all as he always gets lots of fuss and attention.

By catching him at such a young age and managing to control his weight problem, I find it very rewarding that we have hopefully helped to prevent arthritis, heart disease plus many other problems associated with being overweight as this would have been tragic in a dog at his age. I’m sure that Ben and his owners can now look forward to spending a long, happy, healthy life together.

So congratulations to Charlie Cox and owners for winning regional feline section, and Ben Schlummer and owners for getting through to the regional finals. Also to the other slimmers that narrowly missed out on selection to the finals.